BlueAnt Z9i

BlueAnt Z9i Original Bluetooth Headset
Bulk packaging COMPLETE with all accessories
As the successor of the hugely successful Z9, the new BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth headset inherits the great features of the previous generation while bringing a number of new features and packaged accessories to further enhance your communication experience.
New to the Z9i is the inclusion of both large and small interchangeable ear gels as well as two types of ear hooks, making it as comfortable to wear as possible over long periods of time. The Z9i can store pairing profiles for up to 5 Bluetooth devices, instead of Z9’s three, so you don’t have to hassle with pairing each time you want to change devices.
Like the Z9, it offers you 2-level voice isolation, so you can select the perfect settings for your environment for each and every call. Dual microphones are used, ensuring that all your callers will hear is your voice, whether you’re driving on the freeway or in high winds, or walking through the mall! Enjoy clear, reliable calling from this comfortable earpiece, at a price that won’t make you wince!
  • newegg Custom-fit Comfort The BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth headset comes with a stylish, translucent ear hook and a rubberized metal ear hook as well as small and large ear buds for a custom fit and optimum wearing comfort.
  • newegg Cutting-edge Technologies Incorporating outstanding noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction technologies, the BlueAnt Z9i blocks almost all background noise while preserving the clarity of your voice even in extreme noise environments.
  • newegg 5.5 Hours of Talk Time The BlueAnt Z9i provides a long continuous talk time of up to 5.5 hours and up to 200 hours of standby time on a full charge to liberate you from the hassle of frequent battery recharges.
Call Jack: 973-221-3133 EXT 204

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