Palm Pixi Touchstone Cover (Black)

Day #6 December Madness - Palm Pixi Touchstone Cover

Brand New

Original Retail Packaging, Sealed Master Cartons

Technical Details:

    • Original Palm Accessory for your Palm Pixi / Palm Pixi Plus Phone
    • Rubberized anti slip surface back cover
    • Micro-Suction material securely fastens dock to tables, desks, and other surfaces, and Palm prevents dock from moving when phone is removed
    • No cables or connectors required to attach your Palm Phone to the dock, all that is needed is this Palm Touchstone Back Cover.
    • Great Value. Original Retail is at 29.99MSRP! 

    Attach the Touchstone Back Cover to your Palm Phone phone to allow connectionless charging with the Touchstone Charging Dock (sold separately). Using Touchstone Technology, inductive coils inside the Charging Dock generate a small, oscillating electromagnetic field and transmit it through the Back Cover on your Palm Phone, so you can charge your Palm Phone without connecting a wire directly into the phone! Simply set your Palm Phone on the dock (sold separately), it magnetically snaps into place, and charging begins, it’s just that simple and plug-FREE! Try using this once and you will be totally hooked and never go back to cords again.

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