Original Samsung S20/M300 Charger With USB Data Cable (Part# SA-ETA0S20JBE)

Samsung Original M300/S20 2PC Travel Charger with OEM Data Cable




Technical Details:

  • Charge your phone from a wall outlet via AC adapter and an S-20 pin USB Data cable.
  • Charge your phone from a computer USB port via USB data cable.
  • Sync and transfer files to and from your computer and phone via USB data cable.
  • Samsung part numbers ETA0U20JBE / ETA0U20JBEBSTD / APCBS10BBE (cable)
  • Small enough to fit in a briefcase when traveling, but is also convenient enough as a 2nd Charger

MSUNG’s quick charging technology allows you to use your mobile phone while it is charging. The SAMSUNG travel charger plugs into any standard wall outlet. The compact and durable design makes it convenient to charge your battery while home or on the go. Detachable USB Data Cable/USB cable can be used to charge from any USB port. 

Compatible with the following Samsung models:
Zeal SCH-U750
Jitterbug J SPH-A310
Sunburst SGH-A697
Convoy SCH-U640
Gravity SGH-T459 (not compatible with newer Gravity Models)

6 thoughts on “Original Samsung S20/M300 Charger With USB Data Cable (Part# SA-ETA0S20JBE)

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