Motorola SPN5328 MicroUSB Travel Charger in Physical Stock




PRICING: CALL 973-221-3133 EXT 204



  • Power and charge your phone where you need it most – on the road!
  • Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone’s battery.
  • A Motorola Original battery will be charged to 90% capacity within two to three hours.
  • The High Performance Heavy Duty Travel Charger has a quality, durable coil cord for extendable reach and use.
  • OEM Part # SPN5328A

Motorola SPN5328/ SPN5328A Micro USB Battery Charger with folding prongs rapid charges your Micro USB cell phone models rapid battery charger travel charger for USA!Motorola SPN5328/ SPN5328A travel battery charger is designed & built specifically for Motorola Micro USB and all other cell phone models. Use this compact & economical Micro USB 110-120 Volt AC rapid rate battery charger for a quick battery charge. Quickly plugs into household outlet for easy battery recharging! Motorola SPN5328/ SPN5328A battery charger can operate your cell phone when attached to a rechargeable cell phone battery even if the battery is discharged. This is the Factory original Motorola SPN5328/ SPN5328A Micro USB Battery Charger with a one year factory warranty.Supported Models and Categories:Palm Treo 800w cell phone accessoriesPalm Treo Pro cell phone accessoriesLG AX-300/ UX-300 cell phone accessoriesLG AX500 Swift Cell Phone AccessoriesLG AX830/ Glimmer Cell Phone AccessoriesLG CF360 Series AccessoriesLG Incite CT810 Series AccessoriesLG LX400 Series AccessoriesLG LX600/Lotus series accessoriesLG UX280/ Wine Series AccessoriesLG UX830/ Glimmer Series AccessoriesLG VX5500 Series AccessoriesLG VX8560 Chocolate 3 Series AccessoriesLG VX8610 Decoy AccessoriesLG VX9100/ enV2 Series AccessoriesLG VX9700 Dare Series Accessories Motorola KRAVE ZN4 Series AccessoriesMotorola Q9h/Global Series AccessoriesMotorola ROKR U9 Series AccessoriesMotorola Adventure V750 PTT AccessoriesMotorola RAZR2 V8 Series AccessoriesMotorola RAZR2 V9 AccessoriesMotorola V950 Series AccessoriesMotorola RAZR2 V9m Series AccessoriesMotorola VE20 series accessoriesMotorola VU30 series accessoriesMotorola Z9 series accessoriesMotorola ZINE ZN5 Series AccessoriesNextel i576 series accessoriesNextel i776 Series AccessoriesNokia 6205 Series AccessoriesNokia 6210 Navigator Series AccessoriesNokia 6650 series accessoriesNokia 7210/7250 Series AccessoriesNokia 8600 LUNA Series AccessoriesBlackberry 8220 Pearl

DIRECT PHONE LINE: 973-221-3133 EXT 204

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