Zoro HI-Def Headphones Gets Amazing Rating From HeadFonics.com


The Noontec Zoro – Someone give Dre some tissue..

“I resisted reviewing this headphone about 6 months back. Boy was I wrong to do so!
Final thoughts
I am a believer, I like it. It’s not a world beater, its still a bit rough around the edges and doesn’t have the space and refinement of some bigger headphones a few dollars above it, but by golly it whips the Beats Solo into submission sonically and for a fraction of the price. For American distribution, Re-Sellers should go to www.ergdistributors.com
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InnerFidelity Adds Zoro Headphones to The inner fidelity WALL OF FAME!

“Out of the blue I get an email from an operations and logistics manager at an electronics distribution company I’ve never heard of about a headphone made by a company I’ve never heard of claiming these $100 Chinese Beats Solo look-alike headphones will likely make it to my Wall of Fame. Yeah, right.

Then I heard them!

…The Zoro slays the Solo (by Beats Audio)! So, I had to break out a few headphones that compete well at around the $100 mark to see how good they really are. I compared the Zoro with the Skullcandy Aviator, Philips Citiscape Downtown, Creative Aurvana Live!, and Koss TBSE (DJ100). The Zoro held it’s own in this crowd of $100 over-performers… Bottom line: I think the styling, build quality, and ergonomics of the Noontec Zoro are at or above average for a headphone at this price.


…I really loved the little Noontec Zoro. They’re an absolutely great headphone for the price and I am going to put them on my Wall of Fame as a top performer in it’s category.”

By Tyll Hertsens

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CNET.COM Rates Zoro #4 Headphones worldwide!

“It’s impossible to keep up with all of the new headphones crowding the market, but great-sounding headphones are still pretty rare. The Noontec Zoro is the rarest of the rare, an audiophile-oriented design that’s affordably priced. It’s one of the best-sounding full-size $100 headphones you can buy.
-by Steve Guttenberg | Headphone Reviews
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ERG Distributors is a Authorized Distributor of Noontec Products & Sole Distributor of Zoro Headphones in United States!
Call For Pricing (973)-221-3133 or email jacks@ergdistributors.com

Manufacturer Description:

In pursuit of the perfect sound effect, Zoro has been developed from the outstanding intelligence and perfect SCCB technique of professional masters. The 40mm high-quality neodymium magnet speaker is almost fully hand-selected, with low frequency sound cavities calibrated at ten thousand times and the cotton buds of the acoustic earphones having undergone professional tests. The low frequency sounds are solid and powerful, the intermediate frequency is well-balanced, the high frequency is down to earth and lively, and the overall three-dimensional effect is outstandingly clear and achieves a high level of clarity. Zoro’s non-destructive sound effect restores the spirit of music. It makes you feel like part of music and musician’s world and it allows you truly enjoy every single minor detail of music, bringing you a brand-new incomparable perspective of real music.

Noontec’s unique and perfect SCCB sound technology.

(SCCB: surround closed cavity body)

A Closed loop

B Adjustment cover

C Sound cavity body

D Sound cavity volume diaphragm(back)

E Neodymium magnet

F Speaker volume diaphragm

G Speaker Stand

H Diaphragm

I Sound tuning board

J Sound tuning diaphragm

K Decompression cotton

Fold-up Design

Portable fold-up design ,matched with a nano suited
material made storage bag allows it to be portable and conveniently stored.

Protein cotton material for ear muffs

Protein skin-friendly material that is comfortable and breathable and won’t
instigate skin allergies through long term usage

Adaptive ear muff

Bi-directional adaptive ear muffs enhance low frequency audio performance to make

long term wear of the product comfortable

Adjustable headband

Flexible and adjustable with memory scale to ensure each head shape is

suited with best possible fit

Steel reinforcement

Delicate adjustable steel reinforcement to enhance the headphone longevity

Piano crafting varnish

Surface piano crafting varnish has been applied to make the headpone durable and to ensure the

brilliant color nevere fades

Plug-in Flat cable

Plug-in audio cable design , 24K gold-plating , reliable connection

and difficult to break down. Flat cable design , high- elastic

TPE material ensures it won’t wrinkle and knot






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