Are you a; Wholesaler, Retailer, Online Retailer? Find fresh products here!


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ERG Distributors is your one-stop-shop for all electronic/cellular accessory needs. From larger quantity deals, to single data cables, we provide fast, easy, & convenient transactions! To set up an account with ERG Distributors, please feel free to email a sales rep at any time to request a customer application.

1.Why should I choose ERG Distributors for my supplier?

ERG Distributors has built a solid relationship with some of the largest companies in the wireless industry. This helps to provide you with the best products at the best pricing! Here is an updated list of some of those manufacturers:

  • Anycom
  • Blueant
  • HornetTek
  • uNu
  • Delton
  • Noontec
  • Zoro
  • Concept 101

2.What kind of products does ERG Distributors carry?

ERG Distributors stocks accessories, reducing the time you wait between placing your order and getting your products.

  • Chargers
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory Cards
  • Headsets
  • Cases
  • Batteries
  • Battery Doors
  • Bulk/Refurbished products
  • Data Cables
  • AT&T Branded Accessories*

3. Why should I switch from my current supplier or open a new account with ERG Distributors?
Simple! ERG Distributors has a dedicated staff of highly trained sales people. Also, ERG Distributors has a staff that has been in the wireless industry for over a decade, providing you with experienced and understanding that other companies may not offer. A returns department which is easily accessible as well as an accounting and warehouse team that can supply any information you may need.


ERG Distributors can improve your business by providing you with all your needs and getting you to the next level with new and exciting products! Building relationships with each and every customer no matter how large or small your business may be because we care!

4. How do I set up an account with ERG Distributors?

In a few short minutes, you can have an application in and an order ready to be shipped! Simply call our office (973)-221-3133 and ask for a sales rep. We will than have a copy of our easy to fill out application sent to your inbox. All you have to do next is fill in the application and fax (973)-221-3134 or email it back to your sales rep.

*Licensed by Concept 101

Brands We Distribute:

Contact Information:
ERG Distributors
Office Line: 973-221-3133 EXT 204

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