iD America Soft Grip Case for iPad 2 / 3

Keeping your iPad protected is something all iPad owners need to consider. After all, a cracked case or screen would be pretty upsetting. This iD America Soft Grip Case for iPad 2 / 3 is a sleek snap-on cover that protects the back of the iPad from damage. Made from strengthened poly-carbonate, this durable cover fits snugly against the iPad to add protection without adding bulk. The case is designed to work with a Smart Cover, so you can keep both the screen and body protected at all times.

IPad Soft Grip Soft Grip 2

Want to know more?

• Made with strengthened poly-carbonate

•Snap-on fit

• Designed to work with Smart Cover (not included)

• Soft silicone coating for excellent grip

Contact Information:

ERG Distributors
Office Line: 973-221-3133

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