Motorola Micro-USB Chargers, Cables, Car Chargers, USB Cube Wholesale!

Motorola 5638Motorola 5638




Motorola SPN5638A AC USB Head and SKN6428A Micro-USB Cable. Rapid Charging AC Unit with Retractable Prongs and Micro-USB Cable, 750mAh Output. Supported Models and Categories:. Alcatel VM2045 Venture Accessories. Amazon Kindle Accessories. Amazon Kindle DX White & Carbon Accessories. Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories. Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G Accessories. Amazon Kindle Touch Accessories. CalComp A100 Cricket Accessories. Casio G’zOne C751 Ravine Accessories. Casio C771 GzOne Commando Accessories. Casio C781 G’zOne Ravine 2 Accessories. Dell Venue Accessories. Dell Venue Pro Accessories. Sony-Ericsson Vivaz Series Accessories. Palm Treo 850 Series Accessories. Palm Treo Pro series accessories. HP iPAQ Glisten Series Accessories. HP TouchPad WebOS 9″” Tablet. HP Veer Series Accessories. HTC Amaze 4G (Ruby) T-Mobile. HTC Aria Series Accessories. HTC Arrive/7 Pro (CDMA) Accessories. HTC Desire CDMA Accessories. HTC Desire HD Accessories. HTC Desire S Accessories. HTC EVO 3D Accessories. HTC EVO 4G Accessories. HTC EVO Shift 4G Accessories. HTC Flyer Accessories. HTC Freestyle Accessories. HTC G2 Vanguard Series Accessories. HTC HD2 Series Accessories. HTC HD7/HD7S Series Accessories. HTC Hero S/EVO Design 4G Accessories. HTC DROID Incredible ADR6410 4G LTE. HTC Droid Incredible Accessories. HTC Droid Incredible 2 Accessories. HTC Droid Incredible S Accessories. HTC Inspire 4G Series Accessories. HTC Jetstream Tablet Accessories. HTC Merge Series Accessories. HTC myTouch 4G Slide Series. HTC myTouch 4G Accessories. HTC Google N1 Nexus One Accessories. HTC One S T-Mobile Accessories. HTC One X Accessories. HTC Radar Accessories. HTC Rezound ADR6425 Accessories. HTC Rhyme ADR6330 Accessories. HTC Sensation 4G Accessories. HTC Sensation XE Accessories. HTC Status/ChaCha Series. HTC Surround Series Accessories. HTC Titan X310E Accessories. HTC Titan II Accessories. HTC Trophy Accessories. HTC Vivid PH39100 Accessories. HTC Wildfire (CDMA)


SPN 5356


Product Description

The New Multi-Function Desktop Cradle Charger From GSI Is The Ultimate Accessory For Your Beloved Cell Phone.

  • Charge and Synchronize Your Data At The Same Time, While Charging An Extra Battery With The Included AC Adapter.
  • Easy, Affordable and Compact, It Is A Great Alternative For Other pricier Models Out There!

Technical Details

  • Universal wall charger automatically adjusts to different voltages
  • Small and slender; fits on power strips and outlets without taking up more than one outlet
  • Gives you a fully charged battery in 3-5 hours
  • Portable and Compact Design, Ideal For Travel or Home/Office Use


MOTOROLA 540041kAf9a5zvL._SS400_


The Motorola Micro USB high-performance car charger is a requirement for anyone who is on the road. Through your vehicle power adapter you can talk and charge at the same time so your cell phone will stay charged while you are on the go. The sleek design of the charger will complement your phone as you power up directly from your vehicle’s adapter. The retention clip secures the cord giving this high performance car charger a clean appearance.

Motorola Micro USB Vehicle Power Adapter

Motorola Micro USB Charger

Product Features

Works with most devices with a micro USB connector

Talk and Charge at the same time

Fully charges your phone in 2-3 hours

Guaranteed for over-voltage protection, which helps protect the phone warranty

Illuminated LED Motorola logo when charging

Connection through the micro-USB port


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