Motorola Micro USB – SPN5654 Universal Charger

 Pre Black Friday Special: Motorola SPN5654 Universal Charger

Pre Black Friday Special: $1.99, Minimum 100 pieces
Motorola SPN5654 Universal Micro USB Travel Charger
– in OEM Bag –
– Fits on power strips and outlets without taking up more than one outlet
– Automatically adjusts to different voltages
– Gives you a fully charged batter in 3-5 hours
Deal Valid through Monday Evening 11/25/2013

Please note that we do not sell directly to end users. We are strictly B2B (Wholesalers, Retailers, Any other Resellers) . To set up a new wholesale account with ERG Distributors, please go toHere and download our new client form. Pricing will not be supplied unless resale or tax ID number is supplied along with application.

Jack Sasson | Sales

ERG Distributors

973-221-3133 ext 204


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